Hooray for feeling better o/ And if you make Szil-Frollo your icon I will never be able to see it without cracking up, dunno if that’s a good thing or not |D

it’s basically my life goal to make people associate me with cracking up and/or bugs having sex, depending on which context they meet me in

or both, if they’re nemertea (how’s my plan going?)

Mainly I associate you with dinosaurs.

carmarthenfan said: :-( :-( your response was very measured and calm. I was impressed.

I am 100% capable of reasoned responses to shit. I have had a lot of practice.

Ugh, so some asshole was recently arrested for smuggling jeweled geckos out of New Zealand, AS HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

A sciencey person that I 100% respect and admire commented on this to the effect that

1) New Zealand’s already suffered disastrous extinctions anyway  so why are they so upset about this


2) The best thing that could happen to jeweled geckos is for them to proliferate in captivity as pets, because then they’ll NEVER BE EXTINCT


How can a goddamn PhD in biology be so wrong about such a fundamental fucking thing.

As regards mumber 1 - yes NZ has had the goddamn cake of shit when it comes to extinctions, but New Zealand has also goddamn LEARNED and is now leading the world in conservation of their native avifauna and herpetofauna. They know they have an uphill battle in front of them, but by fuck’s sake they haven’t lost the war, and a New Zealand that’s forty percent intact is still better than a New Zealand that’s utterly destroyed and given to the goddamn stoats and rats. (n.b. Stoats are normally among my favorite animals, but in New Zealand, they can fuck right off and die.)

And as for 2 - Excuse me while I SOB IN DESPAIR. The captive herp trade is probably the worst thing you could do to an endangered reptile. I mean, do you SERIOUSLY expect me to believe that no one’s going to hybridize them, inbreed them, select for aberrant pattern and color and GENERALLY DO THEIR BEST TO MAKE THEM UTTERLY UNRECOGNIZEABLE AND COMPLETELY UNABLE TO BE REINTRODUCED INTO THE WILD EVER. Because, you know, the captive herp trade has SUCH A GREAT RECORD WITH THAT. Oh, and of course once we reach some MAGICAL THRESHOLD OF CAPTIVE GECKOS WE’LL STOP POACHING because you know we’ve definitely stopped importing crested geckos despite the fact that they’re vulnerable and there are forty thousand million in captivity oh wait.


Allosaurus feeding her chicks, by James Gurney

The young are covered with a white coat of downy feathers.

Have I reblogged this before? I DON’T CARE. BECAUSE IT’S CUTE.

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I’m sad hanar can’t wear sweaters.

Damn your lettuce!


Caiman with a lungfish (by Richard Denyer)

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You would think that awkward flirting with a video game character would get boring the third time around



A worldgorger dragon… (by Alejandro Arteaga)

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The most dangerous warriors of the galaxy..


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GUYS GUYS my bae Shep is finished! She’s gorgeous and I’M SO IN LOVE. Thanks to the amazing ginhix for rendering her so beautifully!