carmarthenfan said: :-( :-( we could drunk Skype watch dinosaur movies. I can see if the library has jp1…


Asker chriscomando Asks:
Would you ever wanna take awesome scuba pictures of a reef or anything?
nemertea nemertea Said:

Yes. Yes right now. God yes. Underwater camera stuff is v. Expensive, though. But dear god yes.

greycloaks said: I would say “but cupcakes are good” but you can’t eat them, can you?

Nope. I’m here with a bottle of wine and a lot of bitterness.

So there is nothing worse than being surrounded by cupcakes, beer and excessively gendered expectations for your future nibling at Passover.

Please send drunk asks.

Ideal baby shower, for Carmarthen.

Describe your ideal baby shower.
nemertea nemertea Said:

I will draw you a picture.

Asker drcalvin Asks:
DINOSAURS! (if they are doing things in a Rómeó és Júliaish way, I will not mind...)
nemertea nemertea Said:


I have no favorite Dinotopia character, so I will go with Jurassic Park and the obvious, Clever Girl. Sorry, not R és J-ish but you probably don’t really care about sentient raptors anyway.

Haven’t rewatched JP1 recently, so I can’t remember if this quite fits the timeline but whatever, I’m not exactly writing anything the movie creators would ever have thought of.

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Yes good

…are open until further notice, since my sister is having a baby shower (which requires that I become very drunk) and carmarthen asked me to (and I will do anything that carmarthen asks me to do)


Everybody I know is having kids, so I made this helpful guide to nature names for your baby.

I want a baby just to name it Frogmouth.

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Why haven’t more people written Dinotopia/Jurassic Park crossovers? This is such an obvious crossover.