Of After Man, The New Dinosaurs and Greenworld: an interview with Dougal Dixon

One person above all others can be regarded as the ‘parent’ of the Speculative Zoology Movement, his several books and innumerable ideas inspiring virtually everything that’s appeared since. I refer of course to writer, artist, editor, consultant and visionary Dougal Dixon, author of a huge number of books and winner of an intimidating number of awards relating to educational journalism and authorship. Dougal has been the go-to person for speculative zoology ever since the 1981 publication of his famous, beautifully illustrated book After Man (Dixon 1981). This was followed by The New Dinosaurs (Dixon 1988), a book that told the story of a parallel Earth where the end-Cretaceous extinction event never occurred, and Man After Man (Dixon 1990), a fantastic and slightly disturbing look at a possible future for humankind. Dougal was also substantially involved in the TV series The Future Is Wild and wrote the accompanying book (Dixon & Adams 2004). And then there’s Greenworld (Dixon 2010), on which more below…

Some more photos from Oregon

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DINOSAURS! (if they are doing things in a Rómeó és Júliaish way, I will not mind...)
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I have no favorite Dinotopia character, so I will go with Jurassic Park and the obvious, Clever Girl. Sorry, not R és J-ish but you probably don’t really care about sentient raptors anyway.

Haven’t rewatched JP1 recently, so I can’t remember if this quite fits the timeline but whatever, I’m not exactly writing anything the movie creators would ever have thought of.

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